Document management

The secure and transparent storage and management of documents

Advantages for your company

Creation of documents

The creation of documents within the company can be supported by an adapted document management system.

Unified processes

Sample documents facilitate and standardize recurring tasks in the company.

Efficient workflows

The DMS in connection with an (external or contained) workflow system ensures an efficient design of recurring workflows for the forwarding of documents.

Ease of operation

A DMS integrated with Microsoft Office® and/or Microsoft Office SharePoint Server® (MOSS) utilizes the easy-to-use and familiar Microsoft interface.

Secure document storage

With a DMS you can ensure that all documents are stored according to the compliance regulations, and that the retention periods are observed.

Reduced IT costs

A DMS will ensure a transparent cost structure: The efficient document storage saves expensive disk space, while at the same time storage duplicates can be avoided and cheaper storage can be selected with a DMS.

Document management in the company

The management, processing, provision and (shared) use of documents in enterprises hasn't just become of essential importance recently. The ability to create, process and collaboratively process all documents on the computer creates considerable synergy potentials, but also risks for companies that have to be utilized and managed.

In many companies today, large file systems/servers and the individual, non-integrated use of Microsoft Office in the document creation still lead to an uncontrolled file growth.

A unified document management system (DMS) in the company will support you and your employees to control the entire life cycle of documents - from their creation all the way up to the long-term archiving.

Both documents that are created in the company and documents that enter the company from the outside, e.g. by e-mail, and can thus be stored in an audit-proof manner.

Areas of application for your DMS

Document management systems cover various tasks within the company: The DMS will support you and your employees, from the document entry all the way up to the contract management.


Efficient management of the entire and special inbox

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Automation of recurring workflows for efficient processes

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Document solutions

Effective document management through central administration in the company

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Records Management

Ensured compliance with legal requirements such as the GDPR

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Contract management

Archiving & Structuring of information, maintaining of statutory obligations

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SharePoint Integration

Uniform and clear data collection for employees and customers

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Which aspects are relevant for your company?

We will support you in identifying the aspects and functionalities relevant for your company, and explain the possible steps of a DMS implementation. So that you can utilize the various options offered by a DMS.

Use of documents in the company

There are several aspects to consider when sharing documents:


Intelligent Access Control

The consistency of the data or integrity of the documents must be ensured by the DMS, i.e. there must be appropriate check-in/check-out functions. This prevents users from making changes to the same document at the same time.

Rights Management

Access to documents must be controlled by authorizations or an authorization system. This ensures that only authorized users can create, store, view, change and delete documents.

Version Management

If several users make changes to a document (one after the other), it must be possible to determine who has stored which version of a document (audit), but also that previous versions of the document are still available. This prevents an accidental overwriting of documents. It can also be useful to be able to record certain versions as intermediate statuses (so-called revisions). This is particularly important for combined documents that apply as a whole (compound documents). For many users who are only allowed to view documents but should not be able to change them, a different format with less functionality but which contains the same information (rendition) is completely sufficient, e.g. PDF(/A) or TIFF as long-term formats.

Information quickly and easily: Effective search and navigation in the document database

Modern document management systems not only manage documents efficiently, they also support the user in searching and, more importantly, in the finding of documents or information the user is looking for. The effective search and navigation within the document pool is of great importance to ensure that users in the company have access to the knowledge and preparatory work already done by others.


Search in the document database

The DMS should support a simultaneous navigation in the document pool, which corresponds to the conventions of the company, but also offers the possibility to browse through the documents in different (virtual) structures.

The visualization or structuring of documents with overviews or in directories (similar to the file system) is only the first step. Nowadays, users search for documents in the context of the business processes they are processing. That is why the same documents can occur in different contexts, for example, in Sales and Distribution as well as in Purchasing, hence in different document files or views.

Extended ECM

SAP ECM expansion

When documents are used for different business processes, it is necessary to have information and documents from different systems (ERP/CRM/Host/DMS) available - from the actual systems where they are created. When it comes to the ERP system, first and foremost SAP, an integration of the DMS enables information from the business process to be included into the current processing, in addition to information about the documents themselves - for example information about the customer or supplier.


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