ECM strategy

Enterprise Content Management provides solutions for managing and handling information that is unstructured or unstructured, across the entire enterprise. By definition, a company should always be viewed in its entirety, but in practice departmental solutions are often implemented. These have their justification, as a large number of problems do not extend across departmental boundaries. Nevertheless, there is a whole series of comprehensive business processes for which optimization only seems to make little sense from the point of view of a single department.

ECM strategy plan

For our strategic approach we start off with the development of an ECM strategy plan. This fulfils several functions:

Implementation plan

The strategic plan forms the basis for an implementation plan that is adapted to your requirements

Framework conditions

The strategic plan provides the framework within which all subsequent solutions will be located

IT landscape

The strategic plan ensures that all solutions are embedded in a unified landscape

Problems during ECM implementation

The company-wide introduction of an ECM system (so-called large solution) is, however, in most cases difficult to implement for companies due to economic reasons. Usually only the tip of the iceberg is visible, so that the current problems are only worked off step by step. Thereby, isolated solutions are usually created.

The selection of a strategic ECM provider is also of little help in such a case, as long as projects are viewed isolated from each other, or no strategic implementation is aimed to be achieved.

Comprehensive consulting

Our consulting approach

Doctra follows a consulting approach that combines an economically viable, step-by-step approach with the establishment of general ECM guidelines.

The basis for the development of a robust ECM strategy plan for your company are:

  • already known, concrete requirements
  • requirements in the short and medium term
  • industry-specific requirements
  • technological development of the ECM market

An ECM strategy plan developed in this way makes it possible to work through successive problems within their respective framework. Isolated solutions are thus consistently avoided without the need to invest in a company-wide infrastructure right from the very start.

Doctra Company Brochure

Intelligent ECM solutions and services for your company

Find out in our company brochure how Doctra can supports you in implementing your individual, user-oriented ECM solution. Many years of experience gained from numerous national and international projects demonstrates: Doctra enterprise solutions can help you improve the content lifecycle management, streamline processes with transactional content, and increase your commitment through a better utilization of business content.


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